Staff Policy for Game Reports

Who Needs to File a Game Report

A Game Report must be filed by the on-ice officials whenever one of the following situations occurs:

  • A player or team official is assessed a Match Penalty.
  • Multiple Game Misconduct Penalties are assessed to the same player in a single game.
  • A Game Misconduct Penalty is assessed as part of a larger on-ice or off-ice incident.
  • Any incident occurs that involves spectators, especially when spectators are ejected from the arena.
  • Whenever a serious injury to a player, on-ice official, or team official occurs (i.e. an injured player is removed via stretcher).

When to File a Game Report


A game report must be filed within 48 hours of the completion of the game in which the reportable incident took place.  If it is possible for the on-ice officials to gather all of the facts and complete the report sooner, that would be greatly appreciated.

Leagues may require Game Reports to be filed more quickly than USA Hockey or the Atlantic District does.  Check with your assignor for more information.

What Information to Include in a Game Report

  • Complete as many of the fields in the USA Hockey On-line Incident Report as possible with the information you have available.
  • In the "Incident Description" area, please provide a brief summary of what occurred in very specific and factual language. We need "just the facts," not a history of all the problems that have occurred involving this player, team, arena, etc.

How to Use the Game Reporting Tool from USA Hockey

Game Reports must be filed using USA Hockey's Game Reporting Tool.

USA Hockey provided Game Reporting Tool instructions, which include:

  • Logging into the system
  • Submitting Game Report Information
    • General Game Information
    • Game Details
    • Players and Coaches involved in the incident
    • Incident Description
    • Incident Location
  • Saving and Submitting the Game Report

This information is contained in the document called Game Report Instructions [Download] in PDF form.


  • The game scoresheet (or the printed version of what is entered into an on-line scorekeeping system) often contains a great deal of information required to complete a Game Report.  Be sure to get a copy of the scoresheet before you leave the arena.
  • Ask your partner official(s) and any USA Hockey officiating supervisor or fellow official who observed the incident for any assistance that they can provide.
  • Call or email your assignor to let him/her know that you will be submitting an Game Report about this game.  Ask your assignor if you have questions regarding completion and submission of this Game Report.