Why Isn't the Seminar That's Occurring Tomorrow Accepting Registrations?

Question: I want to attend the seminar in {town name here} that is happening tomorrow, but the website says I can't register for it. Why not?

Answer: The deadline for using the On-Line Registration System to register for a seminar in the Atlantic District is 48 hours before the seminar begins. The registration system automatically closes registrations at that time, whether the seminar is totally full or not.

The reason we have chosen to do this is to allow time for the Seminar Staff to receive a complete roster of the attendees.

In the past when we have allowed last-minute on-line registrations and walk-up registrations, the result has been long delays for the officials who have followed instructions, planned ahead, and registered in advance. We have decided that it is too frustrating both for the seminar attendees and the volunteer Seminar Staff to try to accomodate last minute registrants.

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