Ian Walsh Referees at the 2014 Winter Olympics

Four American Officials at Sochi 2014

Congratulations to Ian Walsh who is a referee at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

Ian's schedule for the the Men's Olympic Hockey Tournament is:

  • Thursday, February 13, Finland vs Austria, 3:00am Eastern Time, Bolshoy / NBC Sports Network
  • Saturday, February 15, Sweden vs Latvia, 12:00 noon Eastern Time, Shayba / NBC Sports Network
  • Sunday, February 16, Austria vs Norway, 3:00am Eastern Time, Bolshoy / USA Network

Ian's comments on the Olympics:

In USA Hockey Officials Reflect on Their Path to Sochi, when asked what it was about officiating that made him choose it as a career and have the Olympics as a goal, Ian said, "I've always enjoyed the challenge of learning and improving. Every game, every night presents a different challenge mentally and physically. I love the intensity of the game and the competitiveness of the players and officials in ice hockey."

When asked, what is his most memorable officiating experience, Ian said, "Being selected to work the Stanley Cup Playoffs and NHL Winter Classic in my hometown."

When asked what advice he would give to other officials who want to achieve the highest levels of officiating, Ian said, "Ask questions and listen when working with senior partners. Have respect for the game and your fellow officials. Have a great attitude and be humble as this job is tough but there are none more rewarding."

(There are a lot of other good quotes in that article from other USA Hockey officials who are officiating in the Olympics.)

In Featured NHLOA News, the National Hockey League Officials Association lists the 13 members and 15 amateur officials who were chosen for the men's Olympic tournament.

In Olympic Hockey from the NHL Official's Perspective, columnist Kerry Fraser names the officials who are working in Sochi and explains how the officials from the NHL, USA Hockey, and Hockey Canada were briefed by the IIHF before the games.

One important assertion made by Kerry was that the Olympic officials were discouraged from having family travel with them, "Aside from the fact that it will be mostly business for the refs and linesmen once they arrive in Sochi, it is a much different world today than it was in 1998. As such, the current group of officials was strongly discouraged from having any family members join then for this Olympic event. It will be all business with heightened security measures in place!"

More information about Ian's work at the Olympics will be posted in this article as it becomes available.

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