Atlantic District Official Bill Marshall Featured in New York Times Article About Hockey Officiating in Central Park


Bill Marshall (Hoboken, NJ) was featured in The New York Times on Sunday, January 12, 2013 in an article that talks about his work as an official in the Central Park Hockey League in New York City.  According to the article, "He is now the busiest of the 14 referees at {Lasker Rink in the Harlem part of Central Park}, having officiated more than 500 games there in the past few years. He earns $70 a game and can work up to 15 games a week."

Colin Schmaeling (Levittown, NY, from the New York District) is also prominently mentioned in the article.

Marshall's day job is as the Assistant Manager of the The North Face Store at Broadway and 73rd Street.  About his two jobs, Marshall said, "Everybody hates the ref.  I love when people at the rink yell at me. I say, 'I can take it' -- I'm used to customers yelling at me because a jacket's not waterproof."

[ New York Times photo by Dave Sanders ]

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