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AAHA Officiating Fees

Below you will find the officiating rates for the three (3) youth leagues based in our district.
We have also supplied one of the junior leagues that has many teams in our district.

EHL = Eastern Hockey League (Tier 3 Juniors)
Referee = $125
Linesman = $75

AYHL = Atlantic Youth Hockey League (Tier I)

Midget-18 (Four Official System)
Referee = $85
Linesman = $60

Midget-16, Premier (Four Official System)
Referee = $80
Linesman = $55

Midget-16, Elite (Three Official System)
Referee = $80
Linesman = $...

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How Long are Officiating Seminars?

Question: How long do officiating seminars last? Are they all day affairs?

Answer:Seminars generally begin early in the morning (at 8:00 or 8:30am, check the Seminar Schedule) and last until 4:00pm or later.

Please arrive at or before the scheduled starting time of the seminar and be prepared to stay for the entire seminar. As other stories on this website say, late arrival or early departure from the seminar are among the reasons that you can be dismissed from the seminar without receiving credi...

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Why Isn't the Seminar That's Occurring Tomorrow Accepting Registrations?

Question: I want to attend the seminar in {town name here} that is happening tomorrow, but the website says I can't register for it. Why not?

Answer: The deadline for using the On-Line Registration System to register for a seminar in the Atlantic District is 48 hours before the seminar begins. The registration system automatically closes registrations at that time, whether the seminar is totally full or not.

The reason we have chosen to do this is to allow time for the Seminar Staff to receive a complete roster of the attendees.

In the...

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How Do I Contact Atlantic District Officiating Administrators?

Question: I need to get in touch with the District Referee-in-Chief, one of the District Coordinators, or a Local Officiating Coordinator / Supervisor. How do I find a list of these people?

Answer: Contact information for the Atlantic District Referee-in-Chief and the District Coordinators is found on the AAHA Officiating Program Staff Page. A list of youth hockey assignors and supervisors can be found in the Officiating Assign...

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How Do I Report My Mailing Address/Phone Number Change to AAHArefs?

Question: I moved last season, but AAHArefs still has my old mailing address and telephone number. This is making it difficult for assignors to contact me. How do I report my mailing address and phone number change so that the AAHArefs database is corrected?

Answer: The Atlantic District gets all officials' mailing addresses and phone numbers from USA Hockey itself. If you need to correct your address, you have to tell the Member Services Department at USA Hockey who will automatically tell the Officiating Department and the Atlantic District Officiating Program.

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When Do My Card and Crest from Last Season Expire?

Question: When do my card and crest from last season expire?

Answer: The card and crest for a season expire on November 30 of the next season. For example, the 2001-2002 card and crest expire on November 30, 2002. This means that you must have your new USA Hockey officiating membership card and crest by December 1 in order to continue officiating.

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Can I Start Officiating Games Right Away After the Seminar?

Question: Can I start officiating games right away after I attend my seminar?

Answer: If you are a new official, you cannot officiate any games until you receive your officiating membership card and the officiating sweater crest from USA Hockey.

If you are a returning official, you can officiate games provided you have a valid officiating membership card and crest. If you were fully registered last season, you can continue to officiate until November 30 on last season's card and crest. After December 1, you must posess the card and crest f...

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What are the Steps Involved in Becoming an Official?

Question: What are the steps involved in becoming an official?

Answer: There are three steps to becoming a USA Hockey Official:

  1. Registration with USA Hockey

    New officials will receive a National Registration Form at the seminar, returning officials will receive a National Registration Form in the mail).

  2. Local Seminar Attendance

  3. Testing

    All USA Hockey officials must complete an open book rules test. In addition, Level 2, 3, and 4 officials must complete a closed book test adm...

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How Old Do I Have to Be to Officiate USA Hockey Games?

Question: How old do I have to be to officiate USA Hockey games?

Answer: USA Hockey has established a national minimum age of 10 years for officials.

Most youth hockey programs further restrict young officials. Young officials can generally only officiate games where all players are younger than they are. For example, a 12 year old official will not generally be permitted to officiate games where the players are 12 years old or older.

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Why Do I Have to Pay a $25 Atlantic District Fee, In Addition to the National Fee?

Question: Why do I have to pay the $25.00 Atlantic District Registration Fee in addition to the USA Hockey National Registration Fee?

Answer: The AAHA Fee covers the cost of local issues (i.e. criminal background checks required by the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association, mailings, and seminar costs not reimbursed by USA Hockey). The National Fee covers administration of the officiating program, issuance of your officiating card and crest, training materials, insurance, and other National programs.

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If I Bring Someone Else with Me to a Seminar, Do I Have to Register Each of Us Separately?

Question: If I am bringing someone with me to an officiating seminar, do I have to register each of us separately?

Answer: Yes, each person must have their own registration ticket in order to be admitted to an officiating seminar. Furthermore, the AAHA Officiating Program strongly recommends that each seminar attendee register themselves using the on-line registration process.

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What Level Am I Eligible For If I Was Not Registered Last Year?

Question: I was a Level 3 official, but I did not register last season. What level am I eligible for this season?

Answer: According to USA Hockey's Officiating Program Registration Rules & Policies, "As a general rule, officials may take one season off (unregistered or incomplete) without forfeiting the current level status. However, if an official is away (not registered or incomplete) for the previous two seasons, he/she must apply for registration one level lower (except Level...

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What Registration Materials is USA Hockey Supposed to Send Me?

Question: If I am a returning official, what registration materials is USA Hockey supposed to send me and when should I receive them?

Answer: USA Hockey now longer mails registration materials to returning officials at the beginning of each season.

Everyone has to register online with USA Hockey for each new season, whether you are a New official or a Returning official. You must also do the Open Book Test online each season. In the Atlantic District, you must register for a seminar in advance using the On-Line Registration Process. Visit the Continue reading »