Articles from October 2013

Clarification of High Sticking and Head Contact Penalties

This is to clarify two high stick and head contact penalty situations that have been raised around the Atlantic District.

I have asked Matt Leaf and BJ Ringrose at USA Hockey for clarification of these situations, and here is what the penalties should be:

  1. Player delivering a BODY CHECK contacts the opposing player with his stick, making contact with the opponents head/cage. The penalties are: High Sticking Head Contact, which is a 2 minute minor penalty, plus a 10 minute misconduct.
  2. Player attempts to lift an opponents stick either chasing or along the boards and misses resulting in his or her stick making contact with an opponents cage/helmet-- no body check being delivered. The penalty is: High Sticking, which is only a 2 minute minor.

The head contact penalty is not intended to replace minor penalties for careless high sticking, as they normally occur when players try to gain puck possession without delivering a body check.

Rule 621 Situations #1 and #2 on page 256 of the Casebook Section of the USA Hockey Official Rules and Casebook refers to the situations discussed above.

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