Articles from July 2008

Atlantic District Officiating Program Establishes New Online Seminar Registration Procedure

Once again this season, all officials must pre-register for the Seminar that they would like to attend.

There is a new procedure to register for an Atlantic District Seminar:

  • New and returning officials must first go to with a credit card to register as an official with USA Hockey and the Atlantic District (even if you are already registered as a player and/or coach).
  • Once you have registered with USA Hockey, you ...

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Atlantic District Officiating Seminar Registration Procedure for Out of District Officials

The Atlantic District Online Seminar Registration System is for officials and officiating candidates who live in New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania only. (In other words, residents of the Atlantic District.)

Officials and officiating candidates from outside the Atlantic District are welcome to attend an officiating seminar in the Atlantic District. In order to register, please send an email to the Atlantic District Seminar Coordinator, Marty Maglio at marty.maglio [at] In your email, please provide the following ...

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