Articles from October 2003

Atlantic District Completes Its 2003-2004 Seminar Schedule

Shane Hanlon and Tony Mariconda wrote, "The Atlantic District has completed the originally scheduled portion of our 2003/04 USA Hockey Officiating Program Seminars. We are considering hosting 1or 2 more seminars in the Spring of 2004. The details of these proposed seminars will be announced in late January 2004."

"If you have not completed your seminar attendance, you now have 2 options:"

  1. You may attend a seminar is another District. (Here is the link to the USA Hockey Seminars Page: http:...

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Review of Registration Steps for the USA Hockey Officiating Program

If you have not received your USA Hockey 2003/04 Officiating Program card and crest, you are probably not completely registered as an official for this season. Let's review all of the steps required and see where the problem may be.

Each official is required to do the following in order to become completely registered as an official. ALL of these steps must be repeated every season. They may be completed in any order.

  1. Registration with USA Hockey

    Officials must register with USA Hockey's National office in Colorado Springs, CO....

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Clarification of "Too Few Players" Situations in the Fast Face-off Procedure

Tony Mariconda passed along this interpretation of the fast face-off procedure, provided by USA Hockey:

Situation: In the second period, Team A is set for a face-off in their defending zone. The line change procedure has been completed when Team A realizes that they only have 4 players on the ice when they should have 5 players. If Team A is now allowed to correct this situation they would be delaying the face-off, since a player would have to come from their bench at the far end of the ice. What is the correct ruling?

Ruling: The offici...

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