Articles from July 2002

USA Hockey Publishes Review of Annual Congress from Officiating Perspective

Over in The USA Hockey Officiating Zone, Matt Leaf reviews what happened at the Annual Congress that affects the Officiating Program. Much of his article talks about an on-line registration and testing initiative that is being pushed by the District Referees-in-Chief. They are hoping to have a national registration process in place for the 2003-2004 season.

There is also some information about a deadline change for rule change proposals, a slight increase in the national registration fee...

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What Registration Materials is USA Hockey Supposed to Send Me?

Question: If I am a returning official, what registration materials is USA Hockey supposed to send me and when should I receive them?

Answer: USA Hockey now longer mails registration materials to returning officials at the beginning of each season.

Everyone has to register online with USA Hockey for each new season, whether you are a New official or a Returning official. You must also do the Open Book Test online each season. In the Atlantic District, you must register for a seminar in advance using the On-Line Registration Process. Visit the Continue reading »

What Should I Bring with Me to the Seminar?

Question: What should I bring with me to the seminar?


All officials must bring:

  • their AAHA Seminar Admission Ticket

In addition, returning officials must bring:

  • full officiating gear

In addition, new officials must bring:

  • a hockey helmet
  • hockey skates (no goalie or figure skates)
  • suitable clothing to go on the ice

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How Do I Know that I Successfully Registered for a Seminar

Question: How do I know that I successfully registered for a seminar?

Answer: Your web browser will display an AAHA Seminar Admission Ticket containing your member number, name, telephone numbers, email address, and seminar details. The Seminar Admission Ticket reads includes the following instruction:


You will also receive an email containing a summary of the information that was displayed on your Seminar Admission Ticket. This email message can be used as a backup, in case you cannot print the Seminar...

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